Adult College Students May Need Guidance First In Believing That They Can Be Successful In College

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Today's college students are not all new high school graduates getting ready to attend college. College students are now a mix of older students who are going back to school to pursue new careers and benefit from job opportunities once they complete their education. Older students want to know what college learning is like, and they need guidance in believing that they can be successful in college.

Reaching Out To Adult Students

Older students who are attending college for the first time come from all walks of life. Some of them may need advice about how to use resources to build skills. Counselors can be helpful by using a non-cognitive approach in reaching out to adult students. You can help them to establish a foundation of belief in themselves before they become receptive to acquiring knowledge or skills.

All Adult Students Are Not The Same 

It's okay to offer older students help by first acknowledging that all students cannot be treated the same. They certainly aren't the same. Show the students, as they begin their courses, that their peers have been successful. They'll remember that message from the first day of class as they move forward. Offer them that proof. How can you do that?

Give Access To People Like Them Who Succeeded In College

It helps when you provide older adult students access to people just like them who met with success when they started attending college several years after they graduated from high school. That motivates them to perform just as well. When they begin attending college on the first day, they're eager for written information that helps them to blend into college life as soon as possible. It's an exciting time for older students who now have the opportunity to work toward their goals. 

It's also a good idea to offer packaged information that tells them about campus life and where they can go between classes to meet other students You can supply them with a variety of flyers that answers their needs. Get the information out in digital content right now and give the students what information they need. When you are preparing the data, remember to make it available in an easy format so that the students can learn from the material. By all means, remember the importance of scheduling flexibility.

Flexibility In Scheduling

Be flexible when scheduling classes for adult students, since their assigned classes may clash with their prior time commitments. They have to work and do have family members to care for. Your college can address time conflicts by a willingness to offer more classes on weekends and during evening hours as well. Just try to help them attend classes that do not conflict with their family and work commitments that are so important in their lives.

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18 May 2017

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