What To Do When Your Child Isn't Making Friends

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Preschool is a time when a child can interact with his or her peers and is a great time for your child to learn important lessons, such as how to make friends. But for some children, making friends does not come easily and your child may feel like nobody likes him or her. As a parent, there are many things you can do to help your child achieve more success while making friends.

Give Your Child More Opportunities

Children sometimes do not have the resources to make friends. For example, you may have a neighborhood that does not have a lot of kids your child's age. You may need to create situations that will allow your child to make friends so that he or she can have practice doing so. Also, expose your child to a variety of situations. Some children may enjoy one-on-one time, while others might prefer being in a group. Part of the problem may be that you are trying to indirectly influence who your child is friends with, when your child really needs to be friends with someone who fits. Fortunately, in preschool, your child may meet a variety of children and will be able to meet kids who they will get along with.

Know When There Is A Problem

Do not assume that your child wants to be with other kids. There are some children who are naturally introverted and would rather spend time alone engaged in solitary activities. If your child does not seem distressed over how he or she does not have friends, do not push the issue. On the other hand, do not assume that your child is simply going through a phase. If you notice that your child is reluctant to make eye contact or if he or she is often aggressive or throws tantrums, you may need to take your child to see a pediatrician. Your child will have relationship problems which you should let him or her work out, but it is important to identify when it crosses the line into bullying.

Embrace Your Child's Differences

If your child is still struggling to make friends, remind him or her that many famous individuals have risen above the relentless insults they received as kids, including celebrities. Even if your child is not popular in school, having a group of friends can help ease the difficulties of being teased. Talk to your child's preschool teacher about the concerns you have so you can come up with a plan for how to raise your child's spirits.

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17 June 2017

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