Six Signs Of A Top-Notch Preschool

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Preschool will be the start of your child's academic career. It won't just be a place where your child learns his or her ABCs, but also a place where your child learns how to behave socially with others his or her own age, how to respect authority figures like teachers, and how to adapt to a structured schedule. Because preschool is so important, you want to take your time and look for the perfect preschool for your child. Visit several in the area, and compare and contrast them. As you do so, keep in mind the following six signs that a preschool is top-notch.

#1: There are numerous teachers.

One teacher overseeing a room of 20 preschoolers is not nearly enough. One sign of a good preschool is a low student to teacher ratio. You may find that classrooms only have one actual teacher but several additional aids. This is also perfectly fine since at the preschool level, teaching is as much about caring and overseeing the kids as it is about actual education. A student teacher ratio of 5:1 is excellent, and even one of 10:1 is quite good.

#2: The children engage in plenty of active learning.

Surely there are benefits to sitting down and doing work on paper. Your child will have to do this throughout their school career, so it's not a bad idea for a small amount of pencil pushing to be introduced in preschool. However, you do not want the students to spend their entire day sitting at desks or tables. Little children have a lot of energy, and they also learn best by doing. So, the preschool should promote plenty of active learning opportunities through games, exercises, and playtime.

#3: The classroom is bright and busy.

Look around at the classrooms themselves. Are they brightly decorated and filled with many different toys, puzzles, and activities? Or are the walls rather bland, surrounding a room with plain wooden desks? A colorful, busy room will not only put your child in a good mood, but it's also a sign that the preschool puts value on engagement and student happiness.

#4: There are collaborative learning opportunities.

As mentioned previously, one of the goals of preschool is to teach children to communicate with others their own age. So, you want to make sure the preschool you choose encourages the kids to work in teams. Ask the teacher or administrator what group activities kids engage in. Also, look to make sure the classroom contains plenty of tables and rugs, rather than just desks, so that kids can sit and learn together rather than on their own.

#5: Teachers and administrators are happy to answer your questions.

At a good preschool, the administrators, teachers, and other staff members will be more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have. This demonstrates that they care about your needs as a parent. If they answer your questions before your child is enrolled, you can expect that they will be equally willing to discuss any problems or concerns that arise with your child once they are attending. 

#6: The children are given free time.

Part of preschool is learning to adapt to a structured schedule, and having to engage in structured activities for hours on end can be hard for kids. They will need a break from structure in the form of free time at some point throughout the day. Ask the preschool how much free time they provide and make sure they do offer some each day.

If a preschool displays these six qualities, you can bet that it will be a good choice for your child. For more information, contact establishments like Advantage Learning Center.


7 August 2017

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