Benefits Of Choosing A Young SAT Tutor

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Hiring a tutor to prepare you to write your SATs can often be the difference between getting a sub-par mark and one about which you can be proud — and that can help you to get into the college that is your first choice. Studying for the SATs on your own can be a challenge, but meeting one or more times per week with your tutor can keep your progress on track, as well as help you to get a solid grasp on certain about which you don't feel particularly confident. When you're seeking an SAT tutor, you'll often find qualified people of all ages. Here are some reasons that a younger SAT tutor might suit you best.

A Higher Degree Of Comfort

Although there can always be exceptions to the rule, many high schoolers are more comfortable around people of a similar age. While a middle-aged tutor can certain benefit you as you prepare to write your SATs, you may get more out of each tutoring session when you're with someone younger, simply because of the closeness in age. It's common to find SAT tutors who are just a few years older than you. Many college students, for example, will work in this capacity to earn money to put toward their tuition.

More Relatable

Beyond feeling comfortable around your SAT tutor, you want to work with someone with whom it's easy to relate. When you choose a younger tutor, this can often be the case. You may even find someone who attended your high school and grew up in your neighborhood. In some ways, you may find that you're able to absorb the information that your younger tutor offers with more ease — perhaps because his or her vernacular is more similar to yours, for example.

Added Value

Even though you and your tutor will be focusing on the SAT during each of your sessions, a younger tutor can often provide you with some additional value. If your tutor is a current college student, for example, you might wish to ask some questions about the process of applying to college, as well as hear a first-hand account of going through this process. Older tutors can certainly help you in this regard, too, but the information that a younger tutor offers will often be more up to date, thus making it more useful to you as someone who is looking to go to college soon.


20 February 2018

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