Preparing To Meet With Your Child's Teacher

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Regular parent-teacher conferences can be an important part of meeting your child's educational needs. When parents are needing to attend their first one of these conferences, they may feel nervous about this experience.

Take Time To Write Down Any Questions That You May Have For The Teacher

It is a common situation for parents to forget about some of the questions that they may have for the teacher. To avoid this type of situation, it can be useful to write down a list of any of the questions or topics that you are wanting to discuss with the teacher. Before and at the end of the meeting, you may want to review this list so that you can be sure that all of the important topics were covered with the teacher.

Arrive Early

Many teachers will use software for scheduling parent teacher conferences on the same days. This can make it easier for them to meet with all of their students' parents. However, it is important to make sure that you arrive at least several minutes early. This will ensure you are able to navigate to the meeting room, and it can avoid situations where the teacher is kept waiting. Lastly, those that have anxiety or are stressed about this meeting can use these moments to collect their thoughts and mentally prepare for this meeting.

Write Down Notes After The Meeting

Over time, you may find it difficult to remember exactly what was discussed during the meeting with the teacher. Taking the time to write down notes immediately after the meeting will help you to save any of the most important information that was discussed. You may want to take the precaution to keep these notes in an area where you child will not find or be able to access them. Otherwise, they may be hurt by some of the topics that were discussed.

Be Open With Your Child About The Meeting

While it is important to preserve the teacher's confidence in what was discussed, it is also necessary to balance this against the need to be open with your child. When you are discussing this meeting with your child, you should provide a broad overview of the topics that were covered as well as any compliments that were given. Children are often extremely uneasy with their parents meeting with their teachers, and this can help to assuage these anxieties while also building confidence and trust in your child. 


8 November 2018

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