3 Reasons to Get a BFA in Graphic Design

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If you are considering becoming a graphic designer, a great place to start is applying for a BFA in graphic design. In your BFA program, you will strengthen your graphic design skills, while also having the chance to take classes in subjects that complement those skills, such as business. You will also get to network and build your graphic design portfolio. Here are three of the best reasons to earn your BFA in graphic design:

You May Find a Job More Easily

Even if you have self-taught graphic design skills and are proficient in current graphic design software and techniques, having a degree will make you a more appealing candidate to employers.

Employers know that someone with a recent BFA in graphic design has spent four years strengthening their skills, studying the theory behind visual marketing, and learning new graphic design techniques. This may make you seem like a less risky option than a graphic designer without a college degree.

You Will Be an Expert in the Fundamentals

While trends in graphic design change constantly, having a BFA will mean you always have a firm grasp on graphic design fundamentals. For example, early classes in your graphic design program may be focused on typography and fonts, color theory, page layouts, and even the psychology behind why certain designs are so appealing to customers.

Your BFA Program Is a Great Chance to Network

Networking is a great way to help ensure you find a well-paid job quickly after you graduate. In college, you will have a chance to participate in networking groups and attend events where you will meet professionals in your field.

Working hard in your graphic design classes may also impress your professors, who will then be happy to provide you with references when you apply for jobs. You may also have the chance to participate in internships, which will look great on your resume and may even lead to a job offer once you graduate from college.

As you learn techniques and perfect your own graphic design style, these fundamentals will continue to come in handy. Your further coursework and practical experience will be built on a solid foundation.

If a BFA in graphic design sounds like the right path for you, you can start by scheduling an introductory call or meeting with an academic advisor. They can discuss your options, including degree requirements, scheduling, and financial aid.


17 February 2021

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