How Is Analog Reality Different From Digital Reality?

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Digital reality (DR) theory is a method of understanding the world in which humans are understood to take direct experiences they have had and convert them into digital experiences. For example, a computer will take analog phenomena such as images and sound and convert them into digital bits of information. With DR theory, thinkers attempt to understand how knowledge about life is acquired and stored.

Understanding Reality

A knife consists of both a blade and a handle. However, a knife isn't considered to simply be another type of blade but is instead a new type of object that exists. In the same way, reality, which is considered to be analog, becomes something different when it is converted into a digital object.

Analog Vs. Digital Reality

Reality is a never-ending phenomenon and is something that can never be fully grasped and understood. For example, an individual will never know about every animal, bubble, and molecule of water that exists in the ocean all at once. However, they are able to understand the concept of what the ocean is.

The Perception of Reality

Humans usually do not experience an ocean in an analog way. For example, a fish living in the ocean simply experiences the ocean and reacts. However, because people digitize ideas, they instead create formal knowledge that is then taught through various means such as in higher education. 

Evolution and Digital Reality

DR theory incorporates what is known about evolution and incorporated it into the understanding of reality. For example, organisms change their behavior, change their environment, and try to identify patterns in reality to increase their odds of surviving. For example, organisms have made modifications that increase their odds of surviving.

Behavior, Ideals, and the Physical World

The evolution of knowledge has led to digital realities being divided into different digital orders. These include time-ordered behavior, the physical world, and ideals that have been created by philosophers and treated as being independent of the physical world.

How to Understand Digital Reality

DR theory is something you can incorporate into your thinking to affect how you interact with reality. It will also help you understand how to create a social system and think about the differences between authoritarianism and communalism. However, it can be very confusing to anyone who is new to this line of thinking and you can, fortunately, get in touch with many educators who can tell you more about this theory.


14 June 2022

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