Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

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Education is an important factor when it comes to the future success of your child. Many parents view preschool as an integral part of a child's education.

In order to ensure that the preschool experience is a positive one that will allow your child to develop a love of learning, you want to wait until he or she is ready before sending your child off to preschool.

Here are three questions that you can ask yourself to determine if your child has the emotional maturity required to thrive in a preschool classroom.

1. Can Your Child Follow Directions?

Preschool teachers don't expect children to come into the classroom knowing the numbers or being able to recite the alphabet. What preschool teachers do expect is that each student is mature enough to follow simple directions.

Each student needs to be able to listen to instructions given by the teacher and follow these instructions immediately. This is the only way for a teacher to prevent the preschool classroom from descending into total chaos.

A student that isn't capable of following directions can disrupt the learning of all other pupils, so make sure that your child is able and willing to follow directions before enrolling them in a preschool class.

2. Does Your Child Experience Separation Anxiety?

It is normal for children to miss a parent while separated from them. In order for a child to be ready to attend preschool, he or she must be able to miss a parent without having a complete meltdown.

You can determine if your child has separation anxiety by leaving him or her with a trusted friend or family member for short periods of time. If your child is able to settle in and focus on their present situation within a few minutes of you leaving, they are likely ready to face a few hours away from you in a preschool classroom.

3. Does Your Child Have Basic Self-Care Skills?

A preschool teacher is responsible for multiple children in the classroom. To ensure each child gets the attention they need, all students need to have basic self-care skills.

Your child should be able to hang up his or her coat, eat without assistance, and use the restroom alone before being sent to preschool.

A teacher doesn't have the time required to meet the basic needs of each student, so ensuring your child has some level of independence prior to enrollment will create a positive preschool experience. 

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7 December 2022

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